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4. července 2007 v 7:50 | http://www.rainer-keuchel.de/wince/apache-ce.html |  Windows CE


Úvodem bych upozornil že článek je převzatý ze stránky: http://www.rainer-keuchel.de/wince/apache-ce.html
Brzi udělám i jeho překlad a nake zkušenosti o Apache na Jornadě :)

ApacheCE is a port of the Apache 1.3.20 web-server to WinCE. It supports simple cgi apps. The port is not intended to be used as a professional web-server, but as a test platform for writing html and cgi code while you're waiting for the train.


    Sat Oct 19 2002: Fixed some problems with certain environment
variables that were not passed to sub-processes (PERL5LIB, XCE_TRACE,

There is a simple mp3 player (audio-player) available which is written in
perl and uses madplay.



    Sat May 04 2002: New builds that use pipes for cgi. Environment is
passed via shared memory. Only works with executables that use
celib.dll. Also new build for arm-hpc-wce211.


  • On WinCE 2.11 devices, sockets seem not to be flushed correctly on close when the client runs on the same machine. Maybe an SO_LINGER bug in winsock.dll. The client may detect an error and do partial regets. This slows things down. I have tried to fix this with some Sleep() calls but it did not fix the problem completely.
  • IE seems to have problems connecting to localhost when there is not at least one internet-dialup connection created. This dialup need not be active.
  • IE also has problems with caching.




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