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Pokud máte problémy z výdrží baterií v Jornadě, přečtěte si tenhle článek:|en&u=
Článek je přeložen automatickým překladačem z japonštiny, není to zrovna "pěkná angličtina" ale trochu to srozumitelné je...
Jornada 680~728 series battery shell dividing report
The HP make Jornada series the product is possible and to be good it means that reputation is good, but circumstance plug each of them has become a production discontinuance, including the conservative part and 728 series, the fact that very it does not enter into the hand is present condition. Especially, it seems that in the beginning in this year enters into the hand at beam pair center in regard to the battery, but you do not know that continues how long.
Then, because this time the above-mentioned model (this time 680) disassembling the battery, you could obtain the result which is good exchanging the cell inside, you report. Furthermore, this remodelling accompanies risk. Therefore, because every obstacle due to remodelling altogether there is no relationship in this one, there please understand sufficiently. Especially, because as for the [richiyumu] electric battery there is also a possibility of exploding with overcharge, technical insecure one absolutely this remodelling, cripes it turns the occasion where isThe cell for exchange, 18650 calls is the [richiyumu] electric battery of diameter 18mm and length 65mm. Still, it enters into the hand even with mail order, but gradually procurement has become difficult. At Akihabara it seems that still is sometimes happened to see. However, it sells, because it is the electric battery for the mono notebook PC, whether or not this cell has entered at the glance, it is not distinguished easily. Ahead mail order,They are various electric batteries of actual thing .com, stipulated voltage 3.6V (3.7~3.8V) are some which are not in 18650, but because it cannot operate cannot guarantee these, please note.
Furthermore, as for information of the electric battery for the notebook PC which can be used
In addition, method of the shell dividing the battery is each one such as the method of not using the cutter knife, but please do not use the plastic cutter to the battery of Jornada no matter what. When this instrument is used, oh you question and are cut off well, but to cut, because width of the mark becomes wide, completion is tend to become awkward. Please study details, with URL and the like below. VAIO Battery BP-51/51A repair
Furthermore, when there is an unclear point, to this mail.
Job photograph Job explanation 
It becomes the job where this job is most difficult. The instrument which you use being a little large-sized cutter knife, from connection of opposite side to the control basis, keeps inserting the blade prudently. Control basis side you do not insert the blade excessively deeply and the [te] are good is. When the blade penetrates inside, because color of the cell in is visible, not inserting the blade, inserting 0 driver slowly, it keeps peeling off above that. Because the flat cable has slipped connection, perhaps it is all right, but way because also the possibility of matching connection depending upon the product it is, you give and the [gu] [re] the blade is not inserted too much.
The procedure of shell percentage of battery it is detailed on description above, because is, reading well, please execute.
It is in a state where in two the shell it is divided. Content with 18650 [richiyumu] electric batteries of SONY make, is diameter 18mm and length 650mm. Because above this length there is a possibility of not entering, note.
(u tohoto schématka mám podezření že je špatně, na plošném spoji by zleva doprava mělo být zapojeno: (+,-; 3,6V), (- 0V), a úplně zprava + 7,2V) Podrobně prozkoumejte svoji baterii a zapojte ji podle polarity správně. Délka vodičů Vám jednoduše umožní zkontrolovat si který kontakt kam patří.
It is the enlargement photograph of the control basis. Both sides of two cells and, measuring each voltage of the intermediate section, it is the mechanism which stops charge. Because it is the small basis, as for handling please keep noting sufficiently.
The flat cable is used for the connection of each electrode and the cell. Because it is bent perpendicularly with side of control basis, in order for stress not to correspond to this crookedness section, please note. In addition, grasping the position relationship of the terminal area of each flat cable and the cell well, please verify the tab position which you attach to the new cell.
Because the electric battery at several places is fixed with the adhesive of the rubber make, not peeling off unreasonably, inserting 0 driver in the opening, don't you think? slow densely, the [ru] way please raise. Don't you think? it is dense unreasonably, the [ru] and the case are damaged.
It is the electric battery of 18650 where it purchases anew. Because as for this, with the electric battery for the Fujitsu make notebook PC, 18650 has entered 6, if it calculates simply, electric batteries for 3 [jiyorunada] are compilation possible. When removing the cell, the possible limit tub (in the terminal area of the metal make, the rivet it is done to stop normally) while it leaves, please disassemble. It is cut off with the nipper, but because the section is sharp, way the finger is not cut.
The tub there is many a thing which is not taken well and, taking well, that way, because you cannot use, in that case you use the copper foil which it is easy to process. Because as for the photograph with the copper foil, magnetic guard of [sanhayato] make, the seal has been attached on the reverse side, it has the advantage the solder being easy to do. If possible, please use to double.

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Zdravím, nevíte někdo, kde se dá sehnat nová batrie do 728? Nikde na netu jsem na ni nenarazil.

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